VietBay Group

VietBay Group

Started in 2011 with a mailing-list and currently consists of more than 800 members, the VietBay group has been the information source and organizing volunteer-based events to preserve Vietnamese culture and foster the bonding between the community of multi-generation American-Vietnamese families living in the Northern California area. We also regularly conduct fund-raising events to assist socio-economically disadvantaged Vietnamese in the face of emergencies.

VietBay Inc., the NPO representing VietBay, was incorporated in 2018 in the State of California as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Current members of the Board of Directors are:

VietBay Inc. is 100% volunteer-based, with Board members working out of their free time. Board members don't receive a salary and have no expense accounts.

Acknowledgement: Before the establishment of the current VietBay Group, there were several other groups associated with the name VietBay created to serve the Vietnamese community in the Bay Area, such as SV-VN@yahoogroups,, and vbay@goooglegroups (the last two by Diem Vu). Many members of those groups became our members.


Group activities include:

Become a member

For regular information sharing between members of the community, we maintain and moderate a very active mailing list along with several sub-mailing list for specific activities.

The first step in becoming a member of VietBay is to join our mailing lists. To that end, you must be living in the Northern California area, and be introduced by one of the existing members.

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